Thursday, April 17, 2008

Parallel Music Dimension

Somehow it has happened and I'm not really sure what we have done to deserve it. In any case there has been a barrage of great music events announced of late in and around the Seattle area for this upcoming summer.

First there was the 300 lb Gorilla: Sasquatch

With an evil plot to force concert goers to endure a grueling 3 day hell feast at the gorge or to selectively choose like some kind of sick game which bands to see and which to miss. After days of lamenting a decision had to be made. Saturday/Sunday it was. No Flight of the Conchords no The Flaming Lips no Built to Spill no Ghostland Observatory no Kinsky It were to be sad times.

Next came the party to end all parties: The Capitol Hill Block Party

And like a miracle the skies opened up and dumped upon us unworthy folk an amazing lineup of AWESOME bands including:
Just to name a few. WHOLY CRAP! is about the only thing to describe it. What could be better, two great multi-day music festivals around my home? I'll tell you what would be better.... a 3rd.

If two is good 20 is even better: Sub Pop 20th anniversary event

Again with a stellar lineup of great music to fill my weekend with bliss. We have:
An impressive lineup, made even moreso by the fact that it is all taking place near Seattle! If you are anything like me you are saying, "Surely there is nothing that can make this summer better musically, is there?"

The bigger older Gorilla: Bumbershoot

OH YEAH! You forgott about Bumbershoot? For shame! They recently announced the tennative lineup for the event... very nice!: Beck, Stone Temple Pilots, Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, Ingrid Michaelson, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Jakob Dylan, !!!, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Saul Williams, Joe Bonamassa, M. Ward, The Walkmen, Asylum St. Spankers, Dan Deacon, MIDIval PunditZ, Blitzen Trapper, Bedouin Soundclash, Tim Finn, Dale Watson, John Vanderslice, Final Fantasy, The Fall of Troy, Orgone, Forro in the Dark, Ryan Bingham, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Arthur & Yu, Darondo and Nino Moschella, Pacifika Baring some serious rain... all 4 of these events will for sure be super awesome! I usually hate the hot weather of summer, but this has got me excited!

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