Monday, May 19, 2008

Choice of running mates

In case you were wondering about the choices that Obama may have when it comes down to his vice presidential candidate... someone has KINDLY broken the potentials down into a pro/con analysis: Hilights: Optimus Prime PROS: - heroic - beloved by millions of people - doesn’t need his own Secret Service detail, as he is a giant battle robot - can voice over his own ads and it will be awesome CONS: - Energon needs may betray problematic views on energy policy - although technically able to assume presidency on grounds that adoption of current big-rig transformed form counts as a “rebirth” and it happened on American soil, expect a court challenge to his viability - predictable target of negative ads: “How Do We Know He Will Not Go Insane And Try To Exterminate Humanity?” - likely Megatron endorsement of John McCain in response it would have been perfect if not for Megatron :(

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