Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amazon pimps books

Spurred by a rogue search from a new/interesting search engine I stumbled across this book on about Schwerzlers.

The interesting thing is this seems to be a "book on demand" type of thing where will print a book with all/a lot of the records they have relating to <insert name here>

For Schwerzler that book would probably be pretty short (84 pages) in comparison to a book on the name Johnson for example.

It is an interesting feature though, and I wonder why they did not come up with some clever way to electronically distribute the book as well as printing it?

While the idea may be novel, the reaction is not positive. If you look at the tags that people have tagged the book "Waste of good dollars" "Disappointed" "Waste of money"

I think I will hold off on plopping down the $30.

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