Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why not naked baristas?

What is wrong with it I ask?

Seriously, no one is forcing people to patronize the establishments, and if they are worried about the innocent children (what a crock) then they should put in regulations that if you wear less then (some standard, say a bikini) then your baristas should be screened from public view.

Apparently Bonney Lake has issues with the baristas going a bit too far (pasties, or electrical tape, or just an apron). See an article here:
<a href="">Sexy Baristas Have Gone Too Far, Says Bonney Lake</a> from <a href="">Seattlest</a>

I did try to go to one of these places once... but my car was too short to see anything interesting (yea who likes faces on their baristas anyway?!?). See the account here: <a href="">32oz? Really?</a>

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