Monday, July 14, 2008

Be Warned

Sound Transit announced its 15 year plan. Take a look <a href="">here</a>.

This posting serves as fair warning, that if this makes it on the ballot and the citizens in the Sound Transit voting district vote this down.... I'm seriously going to consider moving to Vancouver.

People know we need transit! They KNOW we need solutions that will serve this area for generations, not just for the next decade. They KNOW that the trend of living in the suburbs (which are getting further away from the city centers) and working in the city is not a good permanent solution.  This connects Northgate to the already underway UW light rail. It connects the east side (Bellevue first, then Redmond) to the nearly complete mainline. This eventually punches rail all the way down to FEDERAL WAY (I honestly didn't expect to see this on the ballot this year) which is WAY close to Tacoma.

You could live in a denser urban setting in Northgate (or federal way) and be commuting to Redmond with little or no troubles.

This is a great plan... and if it comes up for voting... unless you are strongly opposed (not even on the fence) about supporting transit, then you should probably vote for it.


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