Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 0.5

After half a day or so with my new iPhone I think it is safe to say that I really like it. Having been without my old phone for the past 2 weeks it was nice to have a working phone that I didn't buy for $9.95 at a drugstore (it served its purpose). It seems like they have vastly improved on lots of the already cool features of the phone, as well as having done some user research and targeted the things that bothered people about iPhone 1.0. I like all the main stuff that you may or may not have heard on the news like:
  • GPS: Seriously when you are outside it is pretty accurate. It could tell which side of the street I was on LOL.
  • App Store: This is just a great feature, and one they probably should have released a while ago. I think this will almost defenitely keep me from Jailbreaking my phone this time.
  • 3G Network: I seem to get pretty good coverage around my house and Seattle in general, which is something I was concerned about. The network is fast. And 3G sounds cooler then EDGE :D
      There are more from the list of "standards" that people always say. But there are also small things like the new plastic back rather then metal. I know what you are thinking "What plastic > metal?!?!?" I was sceptical too, but the plastic back sticks in your hand much better, and when you are using apps like this. in which you basically pretend your phone is a light saber and wing it around to create the cool sound effects, you want your phone to not go anyplace. We learned from the Wii that people swinging things will break expensive electronics... imagine winging your iPhone into your TV :( sad times. I'm sure I will come up with more stuff I really like, this is just the beginning. P.S. I'm still not thrilled about the way that launch day went... reports from Bellevue put people STILL in line at the Bellevue apple store well into the night.

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