Monday, October 6, 2008

Atmosphir: Free cross platform game.

About Atmosphir Read a review at Linux Haxor

I've long been a fan of cross platform games. Gaming was for several years the device keeping me latched to Windows. "But how can I play my games if I'm an Uber Linux dude?!?!" I would ask. Then I realized that I hardly ever play games anyway.

Every now and then I do like to loose myself in a game, and so I have begun to embrace the console mode of gaming. That works ok, but SOME games simply play better on a PC. Enter the cross platform gaming nitch.

The Pangea of gaming, where it doesn't matter what OS you run, it only matters if you desire to play a game or not. Across the board we are not there yet, but inroads are being made.

Atmosphir is one such inroad, and I heartily applaud the developers for making the game:
  • Free!

  • Cross Platform

I have not yet played, but rest assured I will check this out.

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