Tuesday, April 14, 2009

960 Grid System

Things that make my life easier make me happy. Cool ways that I can do complicated stuff quickly/easily make me even happier. When those cool things are actually things I would be doing day to day it is better then sex.

I ran down a intertube today, I followed a link trail into the rabbit hole and saw how deep it went. See if you can follow my train of thought here:

  1. Someone on Twitter linked in a Typography site. Me a student of web design and continually baffled by Typography for the web follwed the link Typogridphy

  2. This led me to the site 960.gs which looked pretty cool. A fast way to build out (as well as prototype) site layouts that are visually appealing and modern. I was intrigued, but I have a short attention span, I remember just a few weeks ago reading an article on the CAKE PHP framework and thinking... "OMG! I should like TOTALLY build my own CMS!" What a joke, there is no way I could make anything with as much elegance and power as any of the fantastic CMS' that are out there. So when I came to a link to a NetTute video showing the baiscs of the 960 system I followed.

  3. That led me to an article on NetTutes about getting started with the 960 layout. Here is a video: *heart blip*

It looks great, and I want to try to use it in a Drupal theme for my next project. There is even a Drupal Theme skeleton built using it.

Should be fun!

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