Sunday, October 4, 2009

WTF Ticketmaster?

Ok seriously the Ticketmaster sittuation has gotten WAY out of hand.

Check the breakdown of a recent purchase I made:

  • Price of tickets as advertised: $20

  • Convenience Charge: $8.35

  • Additional Taxes: $0.42

  • Order Processing Fee: $5.62

  • TOTAL: $34.39

Are you kidding me? it cost me $14.39 just to buy a fucking $20 ticket? Does anyone else see an issue with that? Why the hell didn't they just tell me the ticket cost $30. It would be a lot easier to swallow a $5 service fee on a $30 order, then a $15 fee on a $20 order.

Can you imagine? Go to buy some coffee at Starbucks, sure the cost of the coffee is $2.00 but there is a $1.00 line fee for waiting in line, plus tax, plus a convenience fee because Starbucks has so many locations... no one would stand for it. Stop calling it a $20 ticket and call it what it is, highway robbery, bait and switch, bad business practices, worth walking to the venue to see if they sell the tickets at the window.

If anyone knows how to cut Ticketmaster out of my event transactions I'll gladly entertain that idea.