Monday, November 5, 2012

A change of direction around here

Whoa! That was sudden! Unless you don't come to this blog that often you may have noticed that it looks entirely different then it used to.

What's going on eh?

I've decided to re-kindle and re-purpose my use of this blog. I want to move away from just dumping to any potential readers the things I find amusing on the internet and towards a place people can come to find out what is happening in my life. I hadn't posted anything to in over a year for several reasons, but largely because I felt like there was no one listening. What is the point in broadcasting information if you aren't broadcasting to everyone. So my intent here has changed. Hopefully I can use this space to chronicle the things in my life I love and you can come here to read about it.

Additionally I'd like to use this blog to document my preperation for a Pacific Crest Trail through hike in 2014. It is a HUGE undertaking, and larger then anything else I've ever attempted. Stay tuned as I lay out my reasons for wanting to do the hike, and the things I'm doing and thinking about related to the hike.

Yea but where is all that great blog content that I used to come to your site for?

I knew that was your real question. For now you can find that content here: But over time I plan to migrate that information (by hand painstakingly) from the old platform (Drupal) to the new platform (Blogger). I just don't want to be responsible for keeping up with security updates on Drupal anymore.

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